Welcome, the information on this website as not been updated for sometime. Due to legal attacks on me by at least one of the major satellite TV providers for use of their name I am not sure it is worth the time to update the content as other companies look like they too may hassle me. This is just another step in the major companies path the eliminate choices to the consumer. There use to be thousands of independent dealers each providing quality customer service. Today that number has shrunk to a handful, mostly in rural areas. Now we have corporate installers providing cookie cutter installs with little ability to provide custom installations. In most cases the installers are good people, they are just restricted in what they can and cannot do.


I will leave the the information on this site up as long as I can because it does benefit some users. I will be removing some of the information as it has no relevance in today's marketplace.


I hope that by 2014 I may be able to rebuild DBSinstall.com in a manner that provides helpful information for the latest products by satellite TV and Internet providers and always to help conconsumers located quality dealers and installers.



Find Local Dealer, Retailer or Installer

DBS Install features a database to help anyone find a local DIRECTV ® dealer, retailer, or satellite installer for DIRECTV ®, Dish Network ®, HughesNet ®, Wildblue ®, Free to Air (FTA) and more. We offer two means to help you locate a local company. We offer a state by state directory of companies, and a searchable database.




To start we recommend the DIY person to read our Consumer Awareness section, and at least glance over our Installation Standards page.


DBS Install Consumer Awareness Project

Is my Dish Network ® or DIRECTV ® Satellite System installed correctly?

That is a question to many consumers do not ask themselves. Just because your satellite installer was nice and you have a good picture, does not mean your system was correctly installed.


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