DIRECTV was the first company to offer Digital Satellite TV using a small 18" dish to consumers all across the country. Over the years DIRECTV has added to its fleet of DBS Satellites to increase their channel capacity to hundreds of standard and HD channels. Today's receivers have many popular features available. High Definition, DVR, Whole House DVR, On demand PPV, and even the ability to manage your DVR recordings over a smart phone are just some of the popular features which can be found with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV uses several satellites and dish types to deliver its digital satellite programming. The original 18" dish, which receives programming from satellites in the 101 degree orbital slot, has been replaced with larger dishes capable of receiving programming from as many as 5 satellite locations. The type of dish you need depends on your area. Local channels are distributed over several satellites. Some consumers will be able to use a 3-LNB dish to receiver programming from satellite locations the 99,101, and 103 slots.. Other customers must use a 5-LNB dish to receive local programming or international channels from slots 119 and 110. The same dish is used in both installs, the only difference is the device at the front of the dish (LNB).

DIRECTV originally started by licensing several manufacturers to make receivers. Receivers from RCA, Hughes, Samsung, Fugitsu and others once competed for consumers favor. In the last decade DIRECTV has moved to manufacturer it's own line of receivers. They have further simplified their equipment by referring to receivers by what they do and not a model number. The four receiver classes are:

Standard Receiver: A standard receiver provides standard definition quality for one television. This type of receiver is good for older tube televisions or small (sub 27") LCD televisions.

HD Receiver: An HD receiver is just like it sounds. It provides a high definition picture to a compatible HD television. To receive HD programming you will need to use at least a 3-LNB dish and subscribe to a HD programming package.

DVR Receiver: A Digital Video Recorder will record programming to an internal hard drive for loss less playback later. Directv DVR's use two tuners to allow the user to record one channel while watching or even recording another channel.

HD DVR receiver: Yep, you guessed it. A high definition receiver that records.

Standard and HD receiver combo owners manual - (opens 7.7 Meg PDF)

HD and HD DVR receiver combo owners manual - (opens 8.4 Meg PDF)


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