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HughesNet Satellite Internet


HughesNet provides high speed satellite internet to business and consumers all across North America.Service plans offering download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps are available. HughesNet has other service plans starting as low as $59/month.

To understand how HughesNet works, you should understand how satellite internet works. A HughesNet modem (DW7000S) connects your computer to a Network Operations Center (NOC) via a satellite dish . When your web browser request a web page. The request is sent up to a satellite 22,3000 miles above the equator. The satellite retransmits the request down to the HughesNet NOC. The HughesNet NOC connections to the web server. The server sends the requested data to the NOC, where the NOC sends the data to the satellite and down to your satellite modem.

A satellite signal traveling 22,300 miles to a HughesNet satellite, down to the NOC and then back to you takes about 500 milliseconds (half-second) to complete the round trip. This is called signal latency, or ping time.

Normal ping times for traditional broadband connections are between 100 and 200 ms. HughesNet will have an average ping time of at least 600ms and common ping times up to 800ms. As long as a user understands that HughesNet will have a short lag before a page starts to load, compared to other broadband options, satellite Internet offers superior Internet experience vs dial-up.Satellite Internet Latency does not have an appreciable affect on file transfers, or large page loads, however it does affect voice over Internet (VoIP) applications. Home Satellite Internet systems are not suitable for VoIP or VPN connections. High powered enterprises systems are suitable for VoIP.

Hughes Net broadband service plans are available for five categories.

  • Home
  • Pro
  • ProPlus
  • Small Office
  • Business Internet

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