Dish Network Installation Charges for Non-Standard Work

Customary Additional Charges For Non-Standard Services

Dish Network

Should you request, or require a Dish Network installation that exceeds the definition of a standard installation, you should go over all potential charges with the Dish Network technician during the scheduling phone call. If the person who is scheduling the installation date and time is not the technician who will be performing the work, you can request that the technician call you before they come out. Additional charges are usually required for non standard work. Common non standard install charges are:

Ground Pole Mounts
A ground pole mount usually consist of a 4 to 5 foot metal pipe embedded in concrete in a 18" to 24" deep hole. The pipe should will have a metal rod through it to prevent the pipe from spinning. Fence post tubing is a common material used for short ground pole mounts. For poles higher then 4 feet above the ground, a schedule 40 pipe should be used. Schedule 40 pipe cost about 3 times the cost of fence tube. If your installer has to use schedule 40 pipe you should expect to pay on the higher price mentioned

Average Price $75 to $150

Ground Post

Tripod installations
On properties where landlords or property management companies forbid attachment to structure or ground post installs with concrete, an often used approach is a tripod installation. The tripod is not the best method, but is often the only choice. It should be weighted down with concrete or pinned to the ground. Hanging two to three concrete cinder blocks, keeping the weight of the blocks off the ground should keep the tri-pod stable in average conditions.

Average Price $50 to $75


Wall Fish
Routing cable though a wall (wall fish). Wall fishing can be a very complicated task. Each part of the country has different construction methods which can change the method used to perform a wall fish. In some desert regions, excessive heat may prohibited your technician from entering the attic space. If you know the Dish Network Installation Technician may need to enter the attic, please tell them during your installation scheduling. They may be able to schedule your installation early to avoid the heat, desert regions.

Average Price $75 to $125

Wall Fish

Telephone Jacks
To use the Impulse Pay-Per-View feature of any satellite systems, you must have the receiver connected to a telephone jack. Many Dish Network promotions require some or all of the satellite receivers to be connected to a telephone jack. If you do not have a telephone jack available, you may have to either install one before your technician arrives, or have them install one for you.

Average Price $50 to $75

Phone Jack

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Dish Network Installation charges for non-standard work