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Dish ViP211

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Dish Network has moved to the next level in Satellite Television. The ViP series of receiver all feature MPEG4 and MPEG2 capability. MPEG2 has been the standard video transmission method since the start of Satellite Television. MPEG4 allows the Dish Network to transmit more channels using the same data rate. This means more channels using the same bandwidth.
The ViP211 features a HDTV tuner with full backwards compatibility with all currant transmissions. There is a built in off air HDTV tuner for local over the air HDTV broadcast. The ViP211 also includes an ethernet port for future use.

A new feature coming out on Dish Network receivers is DISH Comm™. DISH Comm™ allows for all receiver with DISH Comm™ to share a phone line by communicating through the phone lines. As long as one DISH Comm™ receiver is connected to a phone jack, all other DISH Comm™ compatible receivers can pass on PPV information and communicate with Dish Network for programming changes and updates.


The ViP211 is very similar to the ViP411, but the 411 does not have the ethernet port.


Dish Network ViP211 Features:


  • MPEG-4/MPEG-2 technology

  • HD/SD satellite tuner

  • Digital off-air tuner1

  • HDTV digital audio/video output2

  • USB 2.0 port

  • 942-style user interface (UI)

  • dish home Interactive TV

  • Up to 2-day Picture-In-Guide with optional widescreen Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

  • Parental locks

  • On-screen Caller ID with history3

  • Software upgradeable via satellite

  • DISH Comm™ compatible4

  • 5.3 IR remote control



ViP211is a high definition (HD) satellite receiver that supports both MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 compression technology.



  • View MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 DISH  Network programming.

  • View HD or SD DISH Network programming1.

  • View off-air digital broadcasts1.

  • TV display resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i.

  • Simultaneous output from HD and SD connections.

  • DISH Comm™ technology2 allows phone and audio data to be sent throughout a home over existing power wiring. Requires only one phone line connection among all DISH Comm-enabled receivers in a home.

  • dish home Interactive TV.

  • Caller ID with history for up to 50 events.

  • On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with instant access to up to two days of program listings and information. Includes new optional widescreen 3-hour format.

  • The receiver will respond to discrete ON and OFF remote control commands.


  • Five buttons: Cursor Up, Down, and SELECT navigation buttons; POWER and SYSTEM INFO.

  • Green light indicates receiver is powered on.

  • Smart card receptacle (unused).

  • IR blast and receive.


  • 1 satellite tuner input

  • 1 ATSC antenna input for off-air digital broadcasts1

  • 1 USB 2.0 port3

  • 1 Ethernet Port3

  • 1 telephone jack

  • 3-prong power cord

  • A/V connections

    • 1 digital audio/video output for HDMI-equipped TVs

    • 1 set of Component (Y Pr Pb) HD analog video outputs

    • 1 S-Video output

    • 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs

    • 1 Channel 3/4 modulated output

    • 1 optical digital output for Dolby® Digital and PCM Digital audio


  • can be programmed to operate (via IR) up to three additional components such as TVs, VCRs and DVD players.

  • AUX mode to operate a second DISH Network satellite receiver via IR or UHF.

  • Dedicated “TV Power” button.

  • “Recover” button toggles through TV and VCR inputs to help user return to satellite programming when they accidentally change channels on their TV or VCR.

  • Color iTV buttons


  • Dimensions (approx.): H: 2” x W: 16” x D: 12 1/4”

  • Weight (approx.): 7 lbs.

  • Color: Silver

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