Dish Network

Dish Network


A review of Dish Network receivers. Covers Dish Pro, Dish Pro Plus ,DVR and HDTV series of satellite receivers. Product Brochures and owners manuals for most models.



Dish Network offers a variety of programming for families, HD TV customers, Latino packages and a variety of International packages.


Defines a Standard Dish Network professional installation.

Legacy Dishes/Switches

Reviews the history of the Dish 300, Dish 500 and Legacy LNB's


Dish Pro

Reviews the introduction and use of Dishpro and DishPro Plus LNB and switch technology

Dish 1000 Review

We look at the new Dish 1000


Dish Network LNB.switch technology

Detailed technical overview of Dish LNB and Switch Technology.

Customary non basic installation charges

Defines what type of Dish Network installation services are not part of a basic satellite TV installation and customary cost for custom installation services.



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Dish Network Press Releases

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