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Dish Network

The Standard Installation definition listed here is from DBS Install. Other companies may vary, but should be close to what we have presented here. Unfortunately, a significant number of installations occur daily, which fall far below minimum industry standards. Please the use links on the left to learn about proper installation standards and practices. Knowledge is the best defense against a poor installation.

Dish Network installations general include:


Site survey and mounting of satellite TV dish to an outside wall or two story roof of single family dwelling.
Install up to one hundred twenty feet of coax cable, per satellite receiver, through up to one exterior wall or up from basement or crawl space.

Connect each satellite receiver to one VCR and television using coax cable supplied by manufacturer. In the case of Dish Network dual tuner receivers designed to serve two TV's, up to 2 TV's will be connected to the single receiver.

Ground system to existing electrical service following National Electric Code and local codes.
Connect receiver to existing phone jack in same room w/supplied 25' phone wire.

Program Satellite remote control to operate TV volume and on-off functions (subject to capabilities of remote).


Educate customer on system use and activate programming with Service Provider.

Clean work space and remove any debris.
Document system installation with customer walk-though inspection and sign off.

For more detail information about Dish Network Installation requirements, please visit our Consumer Awareness Project Area. The CAP helps consumers understand the various aspects of a Dish Network installation, including line of sight to the Dish Network satellites, dish installation requirements, proper cable routing and grounding methods.

To protect installation and service technicians, your installation company may have a cable routing and worker safety policy similar to this DBS Install Cable Routing and Worker Safety Policy.

You should also know what standards your installation technician must meet. All manufacturers have standards. The problem is, you have no idea what those standards are, so you cannot verify that your installation is performed properly. DBS Install has created the DNI Standards for everyone to use. These standards are written to meet Dish Network Installation Standards and the National Electric Code. Your local authorities may have additional requirements for your Dish Network Installation.


Additional Documents (PDF)

Dish Network Approved Parts List

Dish Network Dish Pro Installation Accessories Specifications






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DISH Network Installation