GlobeCast Installation

The Globecast World TV Installation is basically the same as any other small dish installation. However, there are differences. Many installers of small satellite dishes have never installed a Globecast system and many do not wish learn how to provide a Standard Globecast installation. To align a Globecast Dish, the installer must use a special meter, a meter many technicians do not have access too.

If you need a Globecast installation technician who will meet your custom installation needs, we suggest you use our technician locator.

Globecast World TV receivers can be custom programmed to make finding your channels faster and easier. An experienced GlobeCast technician can greatly increase your satellite dish viewing experience. A properly installed system can provide years of reliable service. Since most satellite system failures can be traced back to a improper installation. We highly recommend you contact a skilled installation professional.

There are several additional factors to consider for your Globecast Installation. Our installation must meet all state and local codes. Each municipal governing body can establish satellite dish installation rules. These rules may not violate your rights as a satellite dish user. All renters must adhere to the satellite dish installation rules set forth by the property owner or manager. These rules may prevent you from using a satellite, but if you can obtain a clear line-of-site from your "exclusive use area" (balcony, patio, yard space you maintain and exclusive rights to use) and your installation does not present a health of safety hazard, the most your landlord can really do is require that you drill no holes or attach the dish to structure.

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