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Pay Per View (PPV):
An event that has an associated viewing cost, and which may be purchased separately from any package or subscription. This could include a movie, special event, sporting event, or an adult program. The event may be purchased using either impulse PPV (IPPV) by using your remote or over the phone PPV (OPPV). IPPV requires a 24/7 land based phone connection. OPPV usually carries a surcharge for the ordering process.

Parental Lockout:
Allows user to set a password to control access to programming based on channel, rating or content

Occurs due to errors in decoding the MPEG bit stream Areas or patches of blocks of color appear instead of the higher resolution image. It appears as though parts of the image have been "censored" or "disguised" in such a way to make the underlying video unidentifiable. It might be described as the picture "breaking up". The condition is usually more discernible in fast action or motion images. The patches of blocks appear and disappear, and can happen anywhere on the screen but usually are "part" of the image "in motion". Pixelization most often occurs during rain fade or if the satellite system has to low of a signal strength to operate properly

Program Guide:
The on-screen guide grid that can be displayed to show the programming schedule, including the Master Program Guide or any subset of programs selected by using a channel list or theme categories (movies, sports, music, cartoons, religious, etc.) defined via the feature menu.

Personnel Video Recorder. A PVR satellite receiver has a built in hard drive for digitally recording satellite television programs. Tivo and Ultimate TV are two systems offered for DirecTV receivers. Both systems come with 35 hour recording capability and have two internal satellite receivers. Dual tuners allow the user to record one program while watching another or record two programs at the same time. DISH network has several PVR equipped receivers. Some units do not have dual tuners. The latest DISH Network models do have dual tuners. Contact your local retailer for the latest information about PVR systems.

Quad LNBF:
A combination LNBF and multi-sat switch component for DISH 500 systems. Can accommodate up to 4 DISH Network receivers.

Rain fade:
The loss of signal from the satellite during a heavy rain. This happens more or less to all DBS systems. The loss of signal is usually for only a few minutes. Rain fade can occur even if it is not raining at our location. A large black thunderhead can block signal if it gets between you and the satellite.

Rating Level:
Standard rating levels applied to movies and other programs to help customers determine the amount of sex and violence contained in that event. Ratings include: NR (Not Rated), NR-M (Not Rated-Mature), G (General), PG (Parental Guidance), PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned), R (Restricted), or NC-17 (No Children under 17).

Rating Limit:
Set by the customer using the main menu. When a system lock is active, this limit controls the viewing of programs that have been assigned a rating level. See also Rating Level.

The IRD. Unit which takes signals from a satellite dish and converts them so that they can appear on TV.

Remote Extender:
After market devices that allows you to use a Infrared (IR) remote to control a satellite receiver from another room.

A common coax cable used in many homes for the last 40 years.

The type of coax cable recommended for digital satellite TV installations. RG-6 is a larger-size cable than the lower-grade RG-59 cable found in some homes. RG-59 has a small center conductor, a small insulating dielectric (white foam inside the cable) and typically a single outer shield. By comparison, RG-6 has a larger center conductor, a dual or quad shield, and a much larger insulating dielectric, ensuring greater bandwidth and lower frequency loss per foot.

R/F connectors:
Output/Input screw on connections for coaxial cable. R/F connectors will not provide stereo from the satellite receiver to the TV or stereo

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