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This area is for helping you troubleshoot and solve the most common failures of satellite TV systems. While most problems are easily solved by yourself, it is just as important to know when to call for help as it is to know how to fix the simple things. Most problems are a result of satellite systems that were never installed or configured properly. A certified DBS service technician can identify not only what your current problem is, they can also spot, and fix problems which can develop into bigger problems later on.
Please use the information provided to eliminate the simple things and if you need technical assistance you can use our search feature to find a service technician in your area.
Before you spend anytime trying to solve a problem, unplug the receiver from the electrical outlet, wait 1 minute and plug receiver back in. This procedure is called a Hard Reset will solve 80 percent of all problems.


Remote control issues

Won't control my TV

UHF range is short

Using Remote Extenders

Some buttons don't work

I need a new remote

Loss of satellite signal

Receiver says
"Searching for satellite signal"


Loss of signal in light rain

Loss of signal in light snow

Loss of signal in light wind

Loss of signal at random

Trees grew

Cable was cut

Dish moved

How can I keep the snow out?

Receiver issues

Low signal level

I don't get all my channels

Channels missing from guide

My receiver is hot

I can't record on VCR

Turns off by itself

Connecting to stereo

Where is my access card?

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