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WildBlue requires all companies who install WildBlue to undergo an in-depth certification program. This certification provides installers with the knowledge and resources to provide a quality WildBlue installation. WildBlue Satellite Internet Broadband systems have very specific installation requirements. When using Standard RG-6 coax cable, the maximum cable length is 100-150' from dish to indoor unit (IDU). Some installers prefer to keep the cable length to under 100', while others are comfortable using up to 150'. Trust your installers advice. The various signal strengths within a spot beam may affect how long your cable can be. Your local WildBlue installer knows your area.

WildBlue Dishes set on a 2" OD mast. The mast must be absolute solid and not move, since Wild Blue uses Ka-band frequencies. Ka-Band has many benefits, the most prevalent is a smaller dish then other brands which use Ku-Band. The downside to Ka-Band, the post be secure and not move when you touch the dish.

Just like all Satellite Dish Antennas, WildBlue Dishes must meet all local grounding requirements and WildBlue grounding requirements. The TRIA (radio transmitter and receiver mounted to dish) must be bonded to the mast (not the dish) and bonded to an approved grounding location. Please use the DBS Install Consumer awareness Project to learn about proper grounding methods.

When your computer location and the required WildBlue Dish location exceed the maximum allowed cable length, your installation technician may need to locate the WildBlue IDU at an alternative location. From that location, a networking CAT-5 cable is routed to your computer. Your installer is only paid to provide a WildBlue installation, and not reimbursed for networking cabling. Your installer should go over any non-standard charges with your before your installation begins.

WildBlue Installation Standards PDF
WildBlue Installation Standards (410K)

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