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DBS Install provides consumers with helpful product and service information from the Digital Broadcast Satellite Installation Industry. Our mission is to help consumers with simple problems and when it becomes necessary to seek professional help, place them in contact with experienced local dealers and technicians. DBSInstall does not sell, or offer installation services for any of the products on your web site. When consumers need help beyond the information on dbsinstall.com, we strongly urge they seek local dealers and technicians.


DBSinstall is also a strong advocate for proper installation methods. We feel that consumers need to have access to information which allows them to determine if they received a proper Satellite Dish Installation. Our Consumer Awareness Project identifies specific key aspects of every step of an installation.


Our DBS National Installation Standards are the most comprehensive public installation standard in the DBS industry.

If you are a dealer or installation technician and would like to have your company listed in our locator, please see our Join Page.

Privacy Statement:

It is the goal of DBS Install to keep private and secure all data collected, unless given express permission by user to display information in search results or listed in our state by state directory. Only data indicated on your application form identified for public display will be displayed to users of this web site. All other information shall remain private and the property of DBS Install.



DBS Install makes no guarantees regarding the abilities, knowledge, or reliably of the companies

who advertise with DBS Install. All individuals and companies contained within our search database, or listed via paid banner ads, links and static placement are solely reliable for the products and service they provided.

DBS Install makes no guarantee that any member, or advertiser shall benefit from advertising with DBS Install.

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