Satellite System Grounding
Part 4, DIRECTV and Dish Network
Presented by Todd Humphrey

DIRECTV and Dish Network are required to be grounded by DIRECTV and DISH Network. Both service providers have established their grounding procedures based, in principle, on the National Electric Code (NEC). Not all local authorities require satellite systems to be grounded. Not all satellite installers work for DIRECTV or Dish Network, and therefore are not obligated to meet installation standards set forth by those system providers.


ALL professional installers are required to meet local electrical codes that apply to satellite antennas and(or) coaxial cable used to connect the satellite system to the equipment inside your home.


It is a safe assumption that the materials and procedures discussed in Part 2 of this series, NEC Overview, here will meet your grounding needs. That said, ONLY your local authorities can tell you what is, and is not required.





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