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Welcome Satellite Retailers and installation technicians to DBS Install. We use targeted search engine phrases to draw in Internet users by providing information, advice and basic help with satellite television and internet systems.

When professional help is required, we prompt consumers to locate a local dealer or technician. Through out our web site consumers are prompted to enter their zip code to search for the product or service they need. We also maintain a state by state directory of all members. The directory list your company name, web address (if applicable) and a general description of your companies products and services. To have your companies web site listed in the directory, DBS Install requires a qualifying reciprocal link.


Any company who wishes to be listed in our locator may submit a Company Profile by completing the application form below. A one time $20 setup fee is required to be listed.

The locator feature of DBS Install is used over 2500 times per month by consumers and installation companies looking for installation help. DBS Install has top search engine ranking for many quality phrases.


No matter how you look at it. Anyone looking for a dealer or installer for a satellite television or satellite internet system, has a very good chance of finding and YOUR company

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Example.. Joe's Satellite provides sales and service for the greater Metropolis area with DirecTV, Dish Network, FTA and Home Theater. For high speed satellite internet access, we are proud to offer HughesNet and WildBlue. With over 10 years experience with Satellite Television and Home Theater Design, we can get the job done.

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