Satellite Installation Railing Kits

Railing Kits

Satellite installations in apartments, condominiums and even rental homes can often create problems not found in other single family residence. Most building managers will not allow a dish to be attached to the structure with screws or bolts. All across this country there are thousand of ugly tripods and homemade contraptions to attach satellite dish mast to railings. Wood post with rope and bailing wire or C-clamps simply do not offer an attractive or safe installation option. The railing kits from Satellite Innovations provide a quick and safe method of attaching a satellite mast to metal and wood balusters.








Satellite Dish Railing Kit

The Steel Railing Kit comes complete with 4 clamps, 4 carriage bolts and 4 locking nuts. Installation of the dish footing and pipe can be accomplished on a steel baluster measuring from 3/8 to 1.5 inches.

Steel Railing Kit

Satellite Innovations manufacturers railing kits with an extended mast wielded right to the railing bracket. The mast extends 3 feet above the top railing. The extended height provide the necessary dish elevation to look back over most roofs, when on the top floor.

Railing Kit Group

Wood Rail Kit

The wood railing kit comes complete with 4 plates, 4 bolts and 4 locking nuts. The plates can attach to any wood baluster up to 2 inches thick.

Model Item Mast Diameter Mast Length Est. Street Price
SRK-S Steel Railing Kit N/A N/A
$ 12.99
SRK-E Steel Railing Kit 1-5/8" 3 feet above rail $ 44.99
WRK-S Wood Railing Kit N/A N/A $ 22.99
WRK-E Wood Railing Kit 1-5/8" 3 feet above rail $ 49.99
DS-3000 Extended length J-tube 1-5/8" 3 feet $ 34.99

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